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Rating: of 5.0
Developer: Unofficial Paladins Companion App
Update: 2020-09-16
OS: v

The description of Unofficial Paladins Companion App

Bring your favorite Hero Shooter on the go! Spawn a random champion and learn their abilities and skills. Build or auto generate decks to experience surprising shifts in the game play and preload your arsenal before the game even starts. The Paladins Companion App is here to put your favorite Hero Shooter in your pocket.

Learn about your favorite champions on the go! Equipped with the in depth knowledge of each champion’s move set wipe the floor with your opponents.

Create new combinations of decks to bring that unexpected edge to the fight that no one has thought of yet using the randomly generated deck sets or craft your own ultimate booster with the deck editor.

Plan out your tactics as the match loads as you build your items and choose your talent, or roll the dice and see what fate thinks would be a good load out for you.

Limit the selection of champions to the ones you own or just your favorites with the champion selection and when stuck in that unfortunate need to roll a specific class randomly select from the Frontline, Support, Damage or Flank class specifically.

Unofficial Paladins Companion App fan app used to implement some features that would be great to see in game but also are great to have at your fingertips. All the visual assets belong to Evil Mojo Games and HiRez Studios.

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